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About me.

Let's work together to create better.

As you will see in my CV I'm a people person. I've worked with people from a young age; from working in the hospitality business to creating exposure through projects during and after my studies.

I have always been fond of the personal touch as a waitress or the pushing through as a cook. It made me the way I am today. Eager to learn new things, meet new people and create new possibilities. Expose and explore.

Ilustration & Design

My Story

I am and always have been a person who is intrigued in why people behave the way they do or what they would need to be able to come more together as humans.

Working in social care with for elderly people or youth with either mental or physical disability’s has shown me how much it can mean to a person to be there and listen. I am very happy for the path I have chosen, where it has made me the person I am today.

After the study MBO Social Care, I choose the study Communication Multimedia Design and moved to Breda. During my Bachelor I’ve worked on a lot of projects. From my own projects such as the shared bookshelves and also extra curricular projects such as the donation art sale. I’ve also been a peer coach in my last year and after I graduated to help the current students with all kinds of questions that occurred during their studies.

I think this is also why I started my own business of creating workshops, to help students to see their strengths and dig deeper.

Where I’ve Worked

Hospitality bussiness.
Now at Pazzi Breda and also Beers and Barrels, Brasserie Nul76, Hof van Huntjens, Lunchroom Flavours..
Peer coach.
At Avans Breda.
At Bank 15 and Mondiaal centrum (minor).
Minor Global Development Issues.
at Fontys in Tilburg.