Donation Art Sale

Together with other students and a teacher named Gé Smit I've started an amazing project; A donation art sale called #Johngaatwinnen (#Johnwillwin).

Working together.

I was allowed to put a team together of other students. Everything that had to happen, we did ourselves. From Location, to buttons and posters. The exposure had to be good, people had to know about this amazing event we were planning. It was a SALE, so yes we needed people who were able to buy and spend quite a lot of money. Gé had already quite a thick contact book, which made it easier to get started. Straight away I got in touch with district Breda, the Tourforlife community and PUNT at Avans. We wanted everyone to know what was going on and that it was for a beautiful cause, but also that it was going to be a lovely party that we were organizing.

On the event itself, I kept myself busy with the inventory, if someone wanted to buy a piece of art they would be directed to me. I made sure everybody knew everything and everything went as well as possible.

This event was a good beginning of new possibilities, especially for the Tourforlife community. But also for us as students, it made us see that with good communication and collaboration you can make amazing things happen. And oh my,what a good day it was with a marvelous team and so many generous beautiful people which made us raise 5000,- !!


“This opportunity felt like ones in a life time and I'm so gratefull I got the chance to do it and raise so much money for #TOURFORLIFE”

Julie Bours